Tuesday, 20 October 2009

This is part of a wholecloth pattern, from Joanne Knott, that I wanted to try out to see if it would work and it was gorgeous. If you click on the link to Joanne it will take you straight to the page for the pattern which is for STATLER quilting system. I DO NOT have a statler I have a Compuquilter, however Compuquilter will now take the qli files that Statler uses. Great.The throat area that I can quilt with when in computer mode is restricted, and therefore this pattern wouldn't work at the 20" depth that it is designed. I used shot silk again, this time I used Aurilux in a maroon. The Aurilux thread has a lovely lustre, and the problems that I had with the thread slipping on the spool were eliminated by using a thread sock when using it to quilt on the machine and also when I wind the bobbins.

Joanne has done a superb job with this pattern and it was very easy to quilt out. I have quilted her whole cloth strippy with a variation in the centre strip to enable me to quilt the wholecloth at the size that Joanne intended. This is quilt will feature tomorrow.

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