Friday, 30 October 2009

Today I gave myself a treat and went and traced the first block of Rosalie Quinlan's 'Love is.......' stitchery quilt.  I have had this for quite a while and as I'm without any redwork to stitch, that I should start.  This is my first of Rosalie's design that I have done, unfortunatley it is not the only pattern of hers that I have bought.  There are many others, and I'll leave that topic there.

On another note pertaining to redwork, I have tried to stitch in many colours. You know what I mean, where the petals are pink and the leaves are green and the sky is blue and I have difficulty finishing the blocks.  Yeah it's called embroidery.  The simplicity of one colour stitchery is hypnotic for me and very meditative.  I am almost salivating thinking of just sewing with one colour.  Another threadwork that I love and haven't done since my Mum died, as there is no place in my house for it (YET), is hardanger.  Different weights of thread, all the same colour though.

I hope they fix the spell check in Bugger Blogger soon.  All my mistakes are coming through.  Like the score through - knew that would come in handy. 

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