Wednesday, 21 October 2009

When I first saw the line drawing for this quilt I knew that I had to quilt it.

Unfortunately it wanted to be in white. So out went the carpet runner that I have in front of my machine and out come the microfibre broom and I swept before every row.

I find this colour to be the worst for attracting EVERY speck of dust, thread, and lowflying nano bug.

That plastic bag you see on the ground before the quilt is what it lives in. I fear to put it on the bed as I know that the Hairiest One will come home, he always does, and sit on the bed while he takes various items of clothes off. It will not stay white.

The back is my favourite. It's a piece that I have been saving for a few years and thought that this was the quilt for it. All these photos when clicked on should take you to a bigger picture.

So the middle pattern was too big for my machine's throat so I quilted all the rows up to it and then left 20" and continued quilting through the rest of the rows and then I came back and did the centre row. I did it this way as I needed time to think of what I was going to do with the centre. When I do the quilt again I will quilt it as I go through. So when I went back to do the centre row I lined it all put and hit the start button and of it went and I only quilted the bits that I wanted it to using my abort and restart buttons and jogging to the start of areas that I wanted quilted. Then I used a combination of freehand and Compuquilter to create the frame where the medallion centres were to go. The area where the crosshatching was meant, I McTeed a lot. With regard to the orientation of the quilt, I prefer it to be landscaped is for me I find it more pleasing. In the future, I will try and quilt the entire computerised part in a day and I will have more even side tension. The quilt layers were basted together before I started doing any of the quilting, which was quite an undertaking, however this was all done with the machine sewing straight line very slowly.

It is all quilted with an Aurilux thread of basically the same colour and added a bit more to the quilting instead of the flatness of cotton there was a bit of lustre.

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