Friday, 7 March 2008

Christmas Wreath

A long time ago, like January last year I became all excited (again) and found these little hexagons by Lizard of Oz, and I embarked on many journeys always carrying these little hexagons with me. They have been everywhere because they were so handy to carry, even if I was riding my bicycle I could take them with me as they are so small and light. It was one of these trips that I decided that it was to be for Blogless Kathy. I finished the piecing and then prevaricated big time with how to quilt it. In the end I took a leaf out of Lazy Gal Quilting and did the Baptist Fan treatment. I did mine with Aurifil 12wt variegated yellow thread (not that it is very clear) and fairly large stitches (I'm out of practise)
At the end I was so excited to give it to BK, I forgot to photograph it, and I had missed Christmas again, so BK took these photographs for me. The quilt that it is hanging on is one that BK created from a Dresden Plate Swap that I organised to teach people the different ways to create Dresden Plates and primarily how to draw their own, BK as usual has done a magnificent job quilting her quilt and experimented with trapunto whilst doing it. The hexagon quilt is titled 'Christmas Wreath' however BK is using it everyday where it can be seen.
I had so much fun that as soon as I finished BK's I commenced another, which is for my family.


Jeanne said...

That is just spectacular! How lucky is Kathy!

meggie said...

That is so vibrant & bright, I love it. Lucky BK!!

Ali Honey said...

Brilliant use of colour there.

Be careful - hexagons are addictive.( I know )

swooze said...

The wreath is gorgeous! I love it. You did a great job.

Nicole and Phil said...

those hexagons look very small....well done on a great piece!
I am addicted to sock knitting at the moment, and I can fit a ball of wool and my needles in my handbag....perfect whileI wait for kids etc!