Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Hexagon Fest

The lurgy that the Sweeties had, has a new host and I'm not a very hospitable one. I wasn't able to go for my bike ride this morning so I'm pretty miffed. Yesterday I made more 1/2" hexagons for my Christmas Wreath and no, I'm not giving this one away. I've already completed the middle wreath and I need 180 hexagons for the outer blue border. This is what 103 1/2" hexagons look like. These papers are available through Lizard of Oz and they get everywhere, so be warned. Some of these hexagons have been used three times and are a bit floppy so will be retired. I'm thinking of making a quilt with this size hexagon, just with all the little bits of fabric. It might be a very small quilt, but it will be fun doing it. I think I need to get out more.


meggie said...

OMG! You make me tired, just thinking about things that small!!
I need to go & paint a huge mural on a wall!!

Ali Honey said...

Get well soon!

Hexagons are great.....small is okay!