Sunday, 2 March 2008

Light Relief

For some very light relief yesterday we went to see Fool's Gold. The oldest youngest sweetie was 12 yesterday. Matthew Mc spends a lot of time making sure he looks great - very nice for us - and some of the sea scenery was gorgeous. It was so bad it was good. The younger sweeties thought that it was great and the oldest sweetie thought that he had seen better many times.

So just a bit of eye candy.

As it is a long weekend here - Labour Day - I'm just cruising and having a general cleanup, so I thought that I would show a quilt that went outside of my comfort zone. It was made for a Machine Quilting challenge. The pattern was supplied and the colour had to be red and white. I don't do white real well and combined with red, too stark, too primal and the quilt ended up being too small. However there you go. I called it 'I'll give you a daisy a day dear' as I finished quilting it on Jed Strunk's birthday, who unfortunately died, in 1981, due to an aeroplane crash(why doesn't that surprise me) at the age of 45. I really like the song.

I found the daisy fabric on sale in the dress fabric section and it is a tightly woven poplin. It was even on special. Two years ago I gave to my good friend Sharon W as she had commented on the quilt and loved the starkness. It has gone to a good home.

The daisies are freehanded and the butterfly is a Janice Heitbaum.

I experimented with no Stitch in the Ditch. Probably a quilt this size is ok without.


meggie said...

I don't like red, but it is good in quilts. White I don't mind. That is a lovely quilt, & I am sure your friend loves it. the quilting is lovley.
You know you are getting old when you see a musclely young man...& you think of your granddaughter!! LOL.

Ali Honey said...

I do like red but don't use much white, but I think they look good together here. Your quilting is very nice indeed. I probably would have been tempted to add a bold red border.

Helen in the UK said...

This quilt is gorgeous!! Love the simplicity of the pattern you chose and the quilting is TO DIE FOR!!! Fabulous :)

Sarah said...

hi nicola
love your bargello aren't they super fun to make, I'm not really a border girl so I'm not wacking a border on mind, just need to piece one huge backing for it!

Helen said...

The quilting is stunning! Lovelywork! Very inspiring! :)