Monday, 17 March 2008


I needed a picture of a pint glass, unfortunately all the ones I could find either had beer/Guinness in them or were empty with froth on the sides. Picture of a glass? Why? For the past 14 years my one constant companion has been a pint glass full of water. I dislike intensely drinking ANYTHING. However after much research and trying out of all possible combos ie hot water, warm water, cold water, flavoured water I found the best solution was a pint glass, filled with normal water and two straws. The two straws enabled me to drink the water as fast as possible and it was great when I was in bed as I didn't dribble water everywhere. Yesterday my pint glass hit the kitchen floor and smashed. There is a story behind this glass you see, from a time when I, and the world, was much younger. It was a time in 1994 when the Hairiest Sweetie and I, along with out beloved daughter Nina went to the UK to visit friends and relatives. It was while we were staying with a friend in the lovely village of Fladbury on the river Avon that we were out walking on a public footpath through a cow paddock (field) that I spotted my pint glass cushioned in a cow pat. Obviously some one had left with local pub with their drink, finished the drink and then hoicked the glass. I picked it up and the rest is history. So I'm after another pint glass, just like the one pictured above. It would be great if I could find another one in a cow pat, while with the Hairiest Sweetie and Nina. Wishful thinking.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

have you tried Ebay?

There is a set of 4 going in the USA and will ship to Australia

Just a thought...failing that..perhaps car boot sales and the like might be a good place to look.

meggie said...

I laughed at the cowpat part. Am sure not many folk would have rescued the glass, because of the cowpat!
Hope you get another.