Friday, 21 March 2008

So Close

There are 10 of the little suckers to go, so I will wait for a quiet interlude and enjoy the final stretch. The reason why I also writing this entry is that gingerquilts left a lovely comment offering me more of my addiction, however I was unable to reply as it just bounced right back, sooooo gingerquilts if you are reading this please email me again.

I ran out of available blues when I was down the donga but had a stash of hexagons hidden down there so I started making these. I see a main body of hexagons appliqued onto a border of dingy blue. I also see a strippy quilt, with the feature fabric replaced by these hexagons. I especially see a woman consumed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole

I'm sorry it bounced back. I'm not sure why.

My email address is and my blog address is

Hope to hear from you soon!

meggie said...

Oh those hexagons! You are sooo industrious!

I love the brights best. Dingy doesn't do it for me at present. I do know our tastes change.