Saturday, 29 March 2008

This is the customer's quilt that the youngest Sweetie wanted to snaffle. I was going to freehand the feathers in the outer border, however the Hairiest Sweetie wanted his ute tonneau (see edit below) fixed and the only way I could do two things at once was to get the computer to do the outer border. Looks good, as does the ute cover. Bit of a story with the ute cover as part of the cover was missing and there was no matching weight or type of fabric lying around the house, so I sent him to the Op Shop to look for an old bag, fake leather jacket or lady's dress boots. He went off bemused and came back with an old matt vinyl bag, which I took the back out of, chucked the rest and sewed it the 'new' bit into the ute tonneau. All finished and a very happy Hairy Sweetie. Every now and then I have to show that I can sew other things besides quilts.


TONNEAU /tʌˈnoʊ/ [tuh-noh] –noun, plural -neaus, -neaux /-ˈnoʊz/ [-nohz]

1. a rear part or compartment of an automobile body, containing seats for passengers.
2. a complete automobile body having such a rear part.
3.a waterproof cover, generally of canvas or vinyl, that can be fastened over the cockpit of a roadster or convertible to protect the interior.


Greenmare said...

okay what is an ute tonneau? and why did you need to fix it? I don't speak Aussie very well. I've been going back through your archives and you are my kind of woman, so fun! I love your plants, do you grow in water? Coooool!

Jeanne said...

I've never seen a nine patch I didn't like. Wonderful colors and the quilting looks great. Nice finish.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quilt and gorgeous quilting!

Helen in the UK said...

Love the colours on the 9 patches on this quilt. The Quilting is DEVINE :)

Ali Honey said...

Clever lady! Bet they had a giggle at the op shop!

Great quilting!