Friday, 22 August 2008

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Our walk on Saturday was just grand. The weather lovely and the company just perfect. The Librarian, the middle Sweetie and I walked, talked, sat, looked and ate our way along the track and enjoyed every minute of it.
We travelled North by car up the Albany Hwy to the carpark near Sullivan's Rock. Rearranged our clothing to achieve the right combo and then set off across the Highway and then onto Sullivan's Rock. Across the rock we went and just gorgeous with the moss and the lichens and the size of the rock. The magic of these 'rocks' is special. Onwards and upwards we went and joined the Bibbulmun Track for our journey up Mt Vincent and then finally the jewel of the day, Mt Cuthbert

Ascending Mt Vincent.

Descending Mt Vincent. Easy going down, hard staggering up as the last climb of our day.

First glimpse of Mt Cuthbert, thanks to the Librarian

Sundew, droscera sp. An insectivorous plant, resplendent in the sun, especially in the morning when covered with dew.

Hexagons can be sewn anywhere. How much joy can a person have? It was heaven.

The Librarian was off and taking photos; the Sweetie was off exploring and I just breathed and looked. Totally wonderful and awesome and we just have to go again and look at that view.

Lovely shot taken by the Librarian by laying down full length on the granite rock.

As always these veins of quartz in the granite always fascinating.

Mt Cuthbert, Mt Vincent, Mt Cook and Sullivan's Rock are monadknocks.


Ali Honey said...

Great photos there and yes, hexagons can be sewn almost anywhere.

meggie said...

Great post!
I am wanting to do some hexagons, good for handsewing in the evenings.