Sunday, 10 August 2008

We in this house are avid readers and somewhat eclectic in our tastes, so a few years ago I was looking for books to read to the youngest Sweeties, who love a good story, and I came upon Red Dog by Louis De Bernieres, the same that wrote Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

This is what Random House had to say about it the book

Red Dog is a West Australian, a lovable friendly red kelpie who found widespread fame as a result of his habit of travelling all over Western Australia, hitching rides over thousands of miles, settling in places for months at a time and adopting new families before heading off again to the next destination and another family - sometimes returning to say hello years later.While visiting Australia, Louis de Bernieres heard the legend of Red Dog and decided to do some research on this extraordinary story. After travelling to Western Australia and meeting countless people who'd known and loved Red Dog, Louis decided to spread Red Dog's fame a little further. The result is an utterly charming tale of an amazing dog with places to go and people to see. RED DOG will delight readers and animal lovers of all ages

The Hairiest Sweetie worked for a while earlier this year in 'Red Dog' country and found this statue of our hero just outside Dampier.

We've also been very lucky to revisit Red Dog in the form of a talking book that we found in the library and we enjoyed it just as much as we did when we sat in bed and read it out loud.


Ali Honey said...

Yes, a great story for kids too. I heard it as a serial on the radio which I listen to while working in the orchard.

Kimonos and Sushi said...

My boys are avid readers especially the oldest, who is now at University. The boys love the series 'Toby Jones'it is written by Michael Panckridge with Breet Lee the Australian Cricketer. A great series if your boys are into sports. My mother bought the books as a present for my youngest Ben when he was in Grade 5.
I read your blog with interest as I am an Integration Aid at our local school. I have been an Aide for over 18 years with the odd ocassionally break for children. LOve your blog...

Kimonos and Sushi said...

I have an avid reader in my house too. My eldest who is now at University loves books.
Ben the youngest likes books but was reluctant to read all the time. A few years back my mother gave him the 'Toby JOnes' collection written by Michael Panckridge and Brett Lee...There are 4 books in the series Angus and Robertson is the distributor.
The books revolve around cricket... my boys love cricket only a few mopre weeks and the whites will be on again.
I work at the local primary school as Integration Aide/Librarian. I read ion your blog about teaching computers.
Love the blog....
Cobden, Victoria