Sunday, 3 August 2008

Remember this post when I spoke about being a woman possessed, well it was morphed into this.

Yesterday, the Librarian, the youngest Sweeties and I were to be walking a track that we have set our eyes on all winter, however the lurgy struck, so I'm in bed making short forays into the realms of cleaning. VERY SHORT forays and scuttling back to bed to lie down and overcome the 'exertion'. Yes I know it's all in my head, however at the moment it feels as though my heart has taken residence in my head. This is what I have being doing with the hexagons started as a side project to use up all those little pieces, it doesn't require much energy and I can sleep between stitches.


Ali Honey said...

Hexagons! One of my favourite shapes. Do hope you get well very soon.

meggie said...

Hope you are feeling better! Not fun being sick- especially when you might get time to quilt!

mereth said...

I'm fighting off a cold too, not fun. But those hexagons will make perfect sewing for watching the Olympics, I plan to do my hexagon project too. Keep coddling yourself and get better soon.