Sunday, 17 August 2008

I am gathering the goodies for the reverse present (click on the link to get back to the page to leave a comment to win the reverse present) for my 2nd anniversary of blogging. I have included a few of my favourite things. One of which I had to sample just to check that they hadn't melted, become infested with chocolate weevil(insidious pest here, well that's my excuse); and were at the right temperature. They were fine after I had checked the second one ;-))))))

I had a huge day on Thursday - worked in the morning, got up really early and hit the decks before any sane person would have contemplated even opening their eyes; came home and cleaned a bit; and then at night I WENT SEWING AND THERE WERE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ROOM AS WELL. Why was I shouting, well it is like this, I haven't been able to do that for four months and it was so good. I used my new/old Featherweight for the first time and complained that it didn't go fast enough. However after a while I realised that maybe going that slow was part of the 'slow sewing movement' that I take part in when I English piece the hexagons and piece the double wedding rings. It was quite nice to sew moderately and not like the Meatloaf impersonation that happens when I sew on my Pfaff. (Bat out of Hell). So it was a great night and I started to sew the 365 (insanity) Challenge together.

Yesterday was also a huge day, when we climbed part of the Bibbulmum Track being Mt Vincent and Mt Cuthbert. So here are just a few of the pictures that The Librarian, the middle Sweetie and I 'snapped' on our walk.

I think that it is a bit of a falsity when they are called 'Mt' as they are really like big hills. It was so beautiful and I will have to dedicate another post to do real justice to the day that we had.

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