Monday, 25 February 2008


I am quite delighted with the Stat Counter that sits quietly on my side bar and counts the visitors that come by. Not by the numbers, I've never been driven by outcomes and numbers, but by the all the different countries that people are visiting from. I log on every day and am surprised. Today I was surprised by a visitor from the Untied Arab Emirates and Hawaii. A while ago I was delighted to have visitors from Panama(this prompted a search on Google maps to find the Panama Canal) and Alaska(which I know isn't a country, however it is big enough to be). Panama is a bit of a catch cry here, from the movie 'Sahara' loosely based on the Clive Cussler book of the same name, 'A Panama' gets you out of a very sticky spot although it costs quite a lot including the cigar.

It is doing wonders for our geography skills.

One of the residents here is this species of frog commonly known as the Slender Tree Frog, or alternatively Litoria adelaidensis. We have quite a colony outside the back door in all the greenery there. They don't live in the water like the Motorbike Frog(Western Green Tree Frog)they tend to live on the verges of water bodies. The biggest I have seen was 40mm, normally they are ~20-25mm in length. I was particularly taken with this one as I could seen the spots on it's body. They normally keep themselves very tidy with their legs close to their bodies. They call is the most piercing shriek - thankfully they don't do that very often.

This is a buttonhole applique w/o the buttonhole yet. It is one of Liz Arnold's of the Lizard of Oz

called 'Garden Party'. I've changed it a bit but putting it on point and using black.

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meggie said...

Nice block there. It is a while since I have done any applique.