Sunday, 24 February 2008

School House Block Swap

This 'blog entry is to answer May Britt questions and fulfil Swooze's desire to see the whole quilt. A few years ago I fell in love.........well this was after that and I came across Piece o' Cake Designs by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins. These designs were quirky and bright and appealed to my need to walk on different tack. Long after that I organised a school house block swap, of which I'm the only one who hasn't finished, but that's okay 'cos it was and still is fun, as I decided to put my set of swapped blocks in a skewed setting and combine it with applique. As you all know all 1/4" aren't created equal, so I added triangles and skewed them to disguise this fact. One of the block was 11" before being sewn into the quilt. The quilt still has another border to put on and it includes some more applique - I can't have too much of a good thing - so it's taking longer.

Mine is the one with the yellow windows, meaning there is always on light on at my place because I tend to chew the candle at both ends. Next to my good friend Diane, who has a 'thing' for Fossil Fern.

So where do all these designs come from?

This one is from the pattern called 'Briar Rose' featured in Po'C's book Flowering Favourites. In the book it is set straight, however I thought that a medallion effect would add some interest and movement. Most of the flowers are scraps given to me by the other swappers. The lovely blue daisies, I can't pass a good daisy by, came from the 'Daisy' pattern from 'Stars in the Garden'. Some of the fabrics in the daisies have a lot of history for me. The fabric here came from a good friend, and I combined it with some yellow from one of my first quilts.

These following for designs come from the book 'Contemporary Classics in Plaids and Stripes' and the pattern is called 'Pretty in Plaid'. Again some of the fabrics have history for my family and I.

Hope that this answers all the questions and the pictures are okay.


meggie said...

Thankyou for showing us the whole quilt. It is really special, I love the colours, & the layout is perfect. I really enjoyed learning the story behind the headlines, so to speak.

Marcie said...

Nice job on this quilt! And such a clever solution to swap blocks that vary in size. Very pretty!

Helen in the UK said...

What a great idea to have the slanted setting - makes it really different. I LOVE house quilts and I'm adding this one to my 'inspiration' folder!! Great work :)