Saturday, 23 February 2008

Blogless Kathy's Bargello

My friend BK is a wonderful person for many reasons, one of the reasons is that
she is soooo good at is finishing things and the little Blogger has done it again. BK has even bred herself a tall family so that they don't need to stand on things to hold the quilts up. That's organised!
I wish I had her finishing genes. So BK has very kindly agreed for me to post the pictures of her finished quilt. This gives me a bit of a breathing space while I work out exactly the right border treatment for mine. The damn thing is even bound!!!!!!!!
This blurry photo is part of a joke. BK and I were shopping for fabric. Nooooooo BK was buying it all - got to remember the stashbuster thingy - and some divine Michael Miller sang to me. You know how that happens, very siren like, in Spotlight or at your favourite LQS. A glazed look comes over and it ends up in the trolley. How? It's magic. When the salesperson asks 'how much', you pick your favourite number and multiply it by.........a lot. Well there we were and BK was GAGGING at my fabric choice, however it's payback because I sent her a strip in the swap and it had to be used in her scrappy bargello. Sucked in. It's the blue one with the orange spots, in between the pale green and the mid blue print. Looks quite tame there, it's an eyeful in real life.
I got the 'ckeck spelling' to work! Can't you tell ;-))))))?


Kathie said...

wow What a stunning quilt!
so bright and cheery
thanks for sharing her quilt with us.

Alycia said...

BK's quilt is beautiful. I really like the borders on it. and your strip of fabric is Mahvahlous!!

Helen in the UK said...

Stunning quilt!! Not only is it finished, BK did complex borders too!! You've got to hate/love a friend like that haven't you!?!