Friday, 22 February 2008

Needleturn Applique

These images are from a quilt that I started so long ago, that I am embarassed to tell you exactly when. However, something might be happening with it soon. Or might not. The designs are from Piece o' Cake, although not with their applique technique as it is too convuluted for my mind.
The red and white polka dots, see above, are scraps from the matching dresses that my Mum and I had when Mum was 30 and I was eight. Mum's dress was a sleeveless princess line, to show off her lovely figure and mine was an A-line to allow for plenty of movement. I was always delighted when we wore our matching dresses together.
Maybe all these fabrics are painful on the eyes, however they are all scraps and I had such a ball. There are several applique blocks in this quilt, all garish and in your face just the way I like them.
Reverse applique is a wonderful technique.
PS Is anyone else having problems with 'Check Spelling' in Bugger, oops, I mean Blogger?


swooze said...

Love it. Would love to see it further away!

Kathie said...

I love these blocks...
and the fabrics and the stories are just perfect!
what a quilt this will be years from now too.
You need to finish it!

May Britt said...

You do beautiful needleturn applique. Isn't it fun to do!!!! I love it and now when I have discovered the silkthread I love it even more. And of course Roxannes glue. Which pattern is this quilt?? Looks so beautiful.

meggie said...

I think your needleturn applique looks very neat! Love the bright colours, & also the memories you have too.
I must look up the info on my old Singer Treadle. My Grandmother bought it new, & I fee so priveledged to still have it, & know it's history.