Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Bargello Project

Blogless Kathy and I met at one of the golden arches places to exchange strips for Bonnie's Bargello. This was BK's box. I threw in some light reading.
This is my box. Lovely box too. I get to keep it - it will be great to store the project in.We sat at M............. and fondled our fabric whilst drinking coffee. I remarked to Kathy that I really felt like starting sewing right there and then. A glazed look came over her face.

Things are growing in the garden - this is the same view towards the carport that I have taken all along, except you can't see it now(the carport).
I love this geranium/pelagonium althoiugh it is darker in real life.

This is the disappearing nine patch

Trimmed to 9" and cut into quarters.

Then placed with other quarters for this effect.


Helen in the UK said...

How great to be able to meet a friend to swap strips for the Bargello :)

Harmany Quilting said...

Yes we are very lucky to be able to meet. We live two hours driving away from each other, so we do the logistic thing and meet somewhere halfwayish.

meggie said...

2 hours!! that is real friendship!!
I would have to have the wee squares all meetin in the centre, I think. I still dont really 'get it'. Thick?? Doya think??

However I would love to come over & share that huge pumpkin!! I love it. The Geranium is lovely too, but that pumpkin.... it calls my name.

Harmany Quilting said...

To be brutally honest - I have no idea why it called 'disappearing nine patch' all I really care about is that I've got the tackers out of the cupboard after about a gazillion years.

There are a few pumpkins coming along, much to the consternation of the hairiest Sweetie, although I'm quite pleased as these ones are selling for $12-14 each at the supermarket, and mine's bigger. They all say that.

Thanks for your comment Meggie