Friday, 20 July 2007

Chaos and Harmany

Here is a quilt that I want to share with you that I eventually gave to my Dad as he loves it. This was free BOM available through Patchwork Planet that my friend Kathy and I kind of did together. If you can call doing something together when the people live ~200kms away from each other. As per usual Kathy streaked ahead and finished and I finished ....... later.

Most of the quilting designs on this quilt are free handed and because I knew that it was for Dad I could be as extreme as I wanted with thread choices. So I tried out complimentary colours and different freehand thoughts.

I really like what I did in the borders - I just marked the diagonals on the sashing side and the outer borders and feathered my way there and filled in with the sun thing when I had created the 'v' from the feathers. Whenever I see this quilt, I always run my hands over it and smile. It has gone to a 'good home'

Here are some bigger shots of the stack 'n' slash that I posted earlier. These are for you Swooze. There have been so many of these quilts made in the area where I live as they are very quick and easy and can be made using fat quarters and some border fabric, although Bev didn't do this with hers and also added an interesting stain glass window effect using a thin strip in the slashes.


Helen in the UK said...

The quilting on your dad's quilt is just AWESOME!!! Love how you used the orphan block on the back too :)

meggie said...

I just LOVE that quilt you did for your Dad, & I love the quilting on it also. It is wonderful, & the bright colours are magic.
Also love the second quilt. Nice colours, & the little strips in the joins are great.

big_girlfeet said...

OMG absolutely beautiful!!!

Ali Honey said...

Hi Nicola,
Thanks for coming by and telling me of your experiences in NZ!
As I hadn't come across your blog before I have been right back to the beginning and read it all. We have lots in common.
Hexagons: sons; growing things ; quilts! You are a fabulous quilter I am a learner machine quilter and a hand quilter.I am older than you by heaps but remember fondly the good times with growing boys( now 37 and 34 )doing lego and outside stuff.
I will come back and visit again! PS we get too much rain here!

Kathy Wagner said...

Amazing quilting! I just love the photo of the quilting from the back of the quilt!

Meredith said...

Wow the back photo of the quilt is great. So is the front. What a nice gift. I hope one day to be able to machine quilt .