Wednesday, 18 July 2007

What A Wonderful Day

I had a fantastic day yesterday - here was some of the presents that I received yesterday - thank you Kathy. This present was wrapped up in the lovely chartreuse fabric, and then in the 4M! of measuring tape fabric. Honestly it was like pass the parcel, and I was the lucky one who was able to unwrap it all. The case is beautiful with origami fabric flowers. The foundation pieced diamonds are from Keryn Emmerson (see the link at the side) and it is an attempt to reduce some of the stash, which we are doing kind of together. I think Kathy has sewn about a gazillion and I have now done 45.


Helen in the UK said...

The origami flower case is wonderful. What a great present. Love the fabrics too :)

Sarah Nopp said...

Very pretty zippered case- I have noticed that chartreuse seems to catch my eye a lot... like I should really make more things from it.

meggie said...

Lovely goodies there! I love that chartruese too.