Saturday, 14 July 2007

Happy Bastille Day

Bastille Day in Australia? My mother grew up on the Channel Island of Jersey and her mother lived there for close on 60 years. My daughter Nina Rose was also born on this day in 1993. So this day is one of celebration. Nina would have been 14 this year, unfortunately she drowned in the beautiful river at the back of our property, at the age of 19 months. The youngest sweeties never knew her, and that is sad. I miss Nina very much and her death has changed me, and for the better I feel. I have learnt tolerance and patience with other people and myself. I have learnt that the most important thing is love. Sounding like a hippie here - love is the most important gift that you can ever give any one. That all consuming, all leveling blanket

We had a day to spare, earlier in the week and decided to do what people do in the city so we went and saw a movie called 'Bridge to Terabithia'. Great movie, however a bit close to the bone for us as the heroine drowns. I was sitting there crying and I look over to the younger sweeties to see them huddled together, with arms around each other crying. Oh dear.

We have gone on to have two great children and they have given us so much unconditional love. Growing up as an only child, I found life very quiet and lonely, having two boys I have found life very noisy and full. I never imagined that life could be like this. Boys are full of ........boy stuff. When the going gets tough, go out (side) so we do and have some incredible adventures. I never thought that there could be this much companionship and love. How lucky am I? Seize the day - you only live once.

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meggie said...

Oh, I read your post, & send you hugs! ((((0)))). We lost my stepdaughter in an accident when she was 16. She was so beautiful, & it seemed so hard. We were lucky, we had 2 more children of our own. But as you say, you never stop thinking about the one who is gone.