Sunday, 1 July 2007

The Last Few Days

Tested the pH in the trial plots. Quite illuminating as the Broad Bean patch has a pH of ~8.0. I will have to go and find out how to lower this organically. Part of the problem is that I dug two buckets of ash inti the plot and wonders of wonders the pH is up.

Here is the start of the experiment in potting mixes. Six pots in all, five different combinations and one control. The plant of choice French/African Marigolds or a hybrid of.

The pots and plants

Here is an experiment that I had to do before I tackled the big one for the Field of Quilts. Two layers of wadding - Hobbs Polydown and Hobbs Organic Cotton Bleached. This is in the early stages, at the moment it is off the machine as I unpicked a bit, and I'll put it on tonight and finish it off. After that I'll have to wash it and then block it. At this stage I have no idea how I'm blocking it, however there will be a way. I just had to put a photo of it as I think that it is gorgeous.

On the way back home yesterday we stopped at Lane Poole Reserve to see what was happening with the Murray River. We made the decision that we had to come back again and do some more camping here.

Had a bit if a bake Fest today - just the weather for it - we were all cosy inside and the rain was lashing down outside. What did I cook - Orange and Almond Dessert Cake, six dozen short breads, rice pudding and chicken, bacon and white wine casserole. The smell of the Orange Cake was divine - almost heady.


Sarah Nopp said...

You are right... that is stunning work. I wonder if I will ever be brave enough to do that one day.

swooze said...

I had wanted to tell you when you first blogged about your gardening course that it sounds like fun. I look forward to your experiments. Hope you enjoy it.

How do you make a shortbread? Would love to see a recipe.

The quilting is amazing. I am amazed at the work people are able to do on a long arm. When I grab a hold of one to test drive it seems so uncontrollable. I get that I need practice but it doesnt seem possible to get your results! Beautiful!

Dy said...

Wow, your circular quilting experiments are absolutely gorgeous!