Saturday, 14 July 2007

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is such a furphy - yesterday was an amazing day - quiet yet busy. Although ........ the house looks terrible, however lots of other things happened.

Here is part of the quilt that I am making for the senior Sweetie's (my Dad) girlfriend. I made a Bullseye Quilt in 2001 when my Mum became very ill, and it is my favourite quilt. I talked about this quilt in another post, and please forgive me as I haven't worked out how to do the link thing - yet!, and it being a kit.
So using the cut outs from the back of my favourite quilt - I even like the back of Sue's Quilt - and some stash, some new stash, eBay purchases, and shirts from the Op Shop - I am making a 60th Birthday present for Sue.

This quilt will end up a bit bigger than mine, and it will be square. I have a 'thing' about square quilts and I truly dislike long, thin quilts. I have had a few late nights with this quilt, and have staggered to bed at an unearthly hour, however it means the quilt has come together quite quickly and that is a lovely feeling, as was the feeling when I went to bed early last night. Too many late nights normally set me up to contract some bug, so off to bed to allay any sign of sickness. Oh, and I get cranky too and just a little short tempered.
I have been looking at the 365 Challenge for a while and I decided to start yesterday. At one stage I thought about giving it to myself as a Birthday present, only three more days (but who's counting ;-))))), however in true Nic style I thought I could be dead by then sooooooo I started it yesterday.
I printed off all the info from Leanne's blog and got all the stuff together and simply started. The first fabric that i will be using will be the circles from the back of my favourite quilt - very apt I think - as I'm trying to use up pieces of fabric that I have kept 'as they might come in useful'. And now they are and it makes me feel good.

I had a bit of an experiment, as you can see, with the Bias Maker. I hate just doing a sample w/o it being used. The background fabric is off Sue's Quilt and the blue bias has a double life as a fabric that I used as a backing as well as appearing in Sue's Quilt. I love all these connections that can be made with the use of fabric.

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