Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Stash Bingeing

Hmmm, I was reticent about posting this picture of the fabric that I bought as I am now a member of StashBusters, see link on the right hand side. Some of the fabric is to finish off a quilt, some of the large pieces were such a good price that I bought 5m of each for backings, and other pieces were just because I could. Oh I have fallen big time, but it's all just sooo lovely.

Yesterday we had such a deluge of rain. Strong winds, thunder and hail are such wonderful forces to witness. Although the hail did break our laser lite. Blob. I ate some of the hail, as I knew that the youngest Sweeties would want to know all about it - their school is ~30k's away and probably wouldn't have hail -and I was able to report that it was cold, wet and tasted very nice. I thought about preserving some for them in the freezer, however I decided that it would be too Calvinistic (Calvin and Hobbes).


Greenmare said...

oh I love your fabric! and it would NOT have been too Calvinistic to save some hail, we always try to save a snowball or two. They do seem to become something other than snow by summer time though...... hmmmmm

Harmany Quilting said...

Undoubtedly it will hail again and I WILL put some hail in the freezer. Just because.