Friday, 20 July 2007

Just Procrastinating

This is a photo that the youngest sweetie took of himself posing with the gift that he gave for his Poppa's 70th Birthday. A bit less Lego. Yay! We have a vast collection of Lego - however I am impressed that the Lego interest has lasted with an 11 yo and a 9 1/2 yo. Long may it continue.

Hmmm. I remember when I first learnt of the word 'procrastination' and I had a moment of frisson when I understood exactly what it meant. Well I am procrastinating. Everyone else in the house is asleep and this means that it is very quiet and there is no mother, just a woman on a computer, drinking her first water of the day(that sounds odd) I'll rephrase that. Drinking her first glass of water, for the day. Got to keep the system flushed! There was a visiting Sweetie here yesterday and as it was raining I pulled out the Indiana Jones Trilogy that I had been saving for just an occasion. Looking back, I must have been about 16 when Dad & I went to the cinema. I was amazed and I still am amazed as it was all done before the days of CGI. All the Sweeties were squirming in their seats with the excitement of the films. They watched the first two yesterday and as there is a different Sweetie coming over today, I don't know whether they will watch the final one. The Final Crusade was released in 1989 and I can't remember seeing it, I am sure that we all will sit down at the end of the day and be thoroughly amazed again.

After all that spiel what am I avoiding - cleaning! If I start making too much noise they will get out of bed. The school holidays have been really good for the boys and I, just to spend time together without having to be anywhere at a certain time. They get to sleep in which I really feel at their age is so important. I remember reading somewhere that children grow when they are asleep and they mostly grow in the spring. I always thought that it was summer that they did most of their growing. However they are getting some much needed z's.

I have installed a Stat Counter on my Blog as I primarily wanted to know where my visitors were coming from. I was delighted with the result and even had visits from Newfoundland and the Isle of Man(that is where my maternal grandmother's family came from). So I'm stoked.

I'll post more later today. There is a quilt that I would like to show you that I did a while ago and ended up giving to my Dad as my oldest (and grumpiest) Sweetie here took offense to it. He thought that it was OTT - just how I like it - and my Dad thought that it was the most marvellous quilt that he had ever seen. So I'll post some photos later. I need someone to hold the quilt up so I can get those pictures with all the quilt.

Grumble !@# I'll start cleaning now.

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